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Rodent Treatment

The Treatment

We first include a thorough inspection of the property to establish the sources of the infestation by following the paths that have been left by the rodents. This helps us understand the most strategic placements for the stations and will help you better understand how this happened in the first place.

We will then set up a baiting system that works best for your home and specific circumstances. This service also includes 2 additional follow-up visit to ensure we solved your problem.

Starting At Just $240

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Bee & Wasp Treatment

The Treatment

The sting of a wasp is painful, to say the least, but the real issue is their aggressive behavior and how quickly they can multiply. This can be a real problem for families. Let us fight back for you and make your home wasp-free! This treatment includes the removed of all wasp nest build upon eaves and it comes with 30-day control if any wasp comes back during 30 days we will come back and treat at no additional charge

Starting At Just $90

Say “Good Night” to the…

Bed Bugs

The Treatment

This treatment includes an inspection, a primary treatment, and a followup treatment after two weeks. Another follow up treatment after 30 days.  This is the most surefire way to eliminate bedbugs. If after the inspection it turns out you do not have bed bugs, you will be only charged $125 for the inspection.

Starting At Just $225
Follow up Treatments only $99

They go marching right on out


The Treatment

This treatment is an initial pest treatment with 2 follow up treatments to solve any ant problems you may be having.

Starting At Just $225

It’s time to for an eviction

Roach Treatments

The Treatment

Roach infestations are a huge health risk for your family, employees, or customers, especially children and the elderly. They quickly contaminate your food, water, and the air around you with their excrement. When consumed or inhaled, this can lead to asthma, salmonella, E coli, and other health issues.

This treatment has initial treatment and 2 follow up [after 2weeks and after 30days] If you find evidence that the pest problems still persist within 30 days of the initial treatment, we will perform an additional treatment free of charge to the problem areas.

Starting At Just $285

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Other Treatments

Other Treatments

We provide effective and affordable treatment for flies, spiders, stored pest, fleas, ticks, mites, earwigs, silverfish, mosquitos, beetles, moths, and more! Give us a call at 219-864-1132 if you have any sort of pest issue in your home call today.